FILA Decathlon

"FILA Decathlon is the ultimate ten-event simulation. It's packed with realism and you will also get to know the skills and abilities of your opponents as you watch them in competition: some are good sprinters, others excel in the throwing or jumping events. But what matters are the points gained over the two days.

And if you want real human opponents you can take on your friends in link mode - all on screen in the running events - who will be the champion, the top athlete, of the toughest event ever?

There's no competition. FILA Decathlon wins hands down. Ten out of ten for the best track and field game ever!"

FILA Decathlon was published for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance system by THQ in Europe in March 2002. The game was developed by Athletic Design (game design and graphics) and Yarin Productions (programming) and is without doubt the most realistic track and field game ever developed for any system. All events have been carefully designed to be as realistic as possible, as well as having as realistic controls as possible. This has lead to, in some cases, a pretty complex control system which can be confusing at first, but once you get the feeling for it, it will feel perfect.

Some unique features in FILA Decathlon is the run-up in the long jump and the pole vault. In almost all T&F games, the run-up is just a chicken race to the board. A real athlete, however, must be very careful during the run-up, so the last step he takes will be as close to the board as possible. If don't run consistently, you'll have a very hard time doing this, and might easily fault or jump a whole meter off the board. Other changes from "traditional" T&F games is the removal of the "jump angle" which is used in most non-running events. In games using an angle to determine the objects trajectory, usually the angle 45 degrees is optimal, which is absurd in reality. Instead, FILA Decathlon lets you transform the running speed (or throwing strength) into a horizontal and vertical speed almost independently.

Here are some online reviews which aren't that bad:

There's also, of course, several not so good reviews, usually written by reviewers with very little knowledge about athletics and in particular the event decathlon - several writers actually suggest events like swimming or skating, which is so absurd you don't know whether to laugh or cry.