Game Boy Advance

The Game Boy Advance is an excellent platform to re-live the old classic 80- and 90-era of wonderful games. Many of my games are ports, or alternations, of original games from the eighties.

All games on this page are completely free. This means you can download them and play them on a Game Boy Advance emulator, such as Visual Boy Advance, or on a flash cartridge (can be purchased from Lik-Sang). In most games below, the source code is included as well. Mind, it's included for educational purposes only! You are allowed to make modifications to a game for private use only. That means you should not distribute modified versions of the games below. Also, there's no "support" - thus I don't expect, and won't answer, questions such as "how do I compile the source code" or "an include file is missing" etc. The source codes are not intended as tutorials, but for people who already have left the beginner stage of Game Boy Advance development behind.

Now on to the games...

Rotris (game, source code)

Rotris screenshot

As the name implies, this is Tetris with a twist, literally! Based on Pufftris, this small (4288 bytes, 4k + header) game includes an amazing number of features: alpha-blended rotating playing field, animating spiral, superb control, two different well-known Tetris themes (6 channel music) together with lots of different sound effects. Best of all, it's a very addictive game! But, don't blame me if you get sick playing it! :-)

Remember, the fun starts when you reach 64 eliminated lines!

Torben's Marvellous Adventure
(game, source code)

Guide Torben through 17 levels filled with delicious food and nasty wolves. A game resembling the classic Pac-Man, but with several extensions. In each level, you should carry a key to the exit door. Doing so will drain your strength rapidly (the key is heavy!), so you will have to eat a lot of food first. Also, you have a stop sign to your help, which you can put at strategic locations to stop the wolves from killing you. If you're strong enough, you can kill the wolves, but this will decrease your strength, so this isn't necessarily desirable. The game features, once you reach the higher levels, incredible fast-paced action at the highest level!

This game is a port of Crazy Teeth originally made by Dan Haggren in 1986.

Fractal Zoomer (program, source code)

Not a game, but probably the fastest and most accurate Mandelbrot fractal zoomer for the Game Boy Advance. The zoomer is, of course, written in optimized ARM assembly and uses 64 bit multiplication for high precision. Zoom up to 10,000 times without losing precision. You can zoom the famous Mandelbrot fractal or a Julia fractal of your choice! Select between several different palettes, or create your own. A simple file system is built in which lets you save your favorite fractal images and/or palettes on the cartridge (SRAM)!

Hopefully more games will follow soon...